Staab & Son's Inc

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    • Dec 15, 2017
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    • by GoldenTabs from zipcode 62087FriendFriend_of_friend
    • Sep 06, 2012
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    • Staab and Sons Inc replaced my entire plumping line from inside my house to the road. They did this in four days and made sure I could use my plumping the entire time. They were polite and listened to the changes I wanted and made them. They were great. Other quotes from Fox Chapel companies were double to triple the amount they charged me. HONEST, FAIR AND I WOULD HIRE THEM AGAIN.

    • by cmmorton from zipcode 15238FriendFriend_of_friend
    • Mar 29, 2011
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    • Installed AC - Mike came out and gave me an estimate to install AC at my home in Munhall. The work was done on time, as promised and it works great. I would definitely recommend them.


    • by Jg from zipcode 15120FriendFriend_of_friend