Phillip Roy Financial Services

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    • Oct 10, 2014
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    • Phil Wasserman is a genius
    • I met Phil Wasserman at a presentation he gave a few months ago and I was blown away by his knowledge and understanding of annuities and which ones were good and which to stay away from. I took his advice and it saved me tens of thousands of dollars in taxes that either I or my heirs would have lost otherwise. I trust Phil wholeheartedly!

    • by Mike from zipcode 34287FriendFriend_of_friend
    • May 08, 2014
    • beware
    • This guy is a joke- google him. He's an ex attorney who was disbarred because of his insane behavior. You'd be better off trusting you money to a 3 year old. The guy even ripped off his own rabbi......nice. He lies and cheats. Bully's these poor elderly people into agreeing to whatever his scam of the week is, all the while pretending to be this "savior"- a real life "vigilante" standing up for the little guy, helping to keep your money away from the government---- which he does, he also keeps it away from you. Dont be fooled people. If you do a search on him, you will notice all the positive reviews come from his own websites.....genius no? Maybe he didn't realize the website "" would be so obvious.....

    • by Another victim from zipcode 34243FriendFriend_of_friend