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  • Tuesday: 10:30am to 6:30pm
  • Wednesday: By Appointment Only
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    • Nov 30, 2012
    • Recommended
    • The Best Dentist in Center City
    • I have been seeing Dr. Yurovsky for the past 4 years and never had anything less than a great experience. She never makes you wait, like so many other doctors do. She never pushes any additional extras on you, again, like so many other doctors do. She always has a smile on her face, which is very comforting, considering that most people like I, do not particularly enjoy visiting a dentist. I actually like the fact that she does all of the cleanings herself. It adds a personal touch and allows me to ask lots of questions. So far I had a bridge and a crown placed and several fillings done, all of it without even a hint of discomfort. What it really nice, is that the office calls you few days after your appointment just to check up on you. i would definitely recommend this office to everyone.

    • by Sandi609 from zipcode 08638FriendFriend_of_friend
    • Nov 21, 2012
    • Thanksgiving (Thanks to the poor service received from Dr. Yurovsky) there will be no good eating this thanksgiving.
      After calling the office because of a toothache on Tuesday and requesting that I only needed some relief to get me through the holiday, I was provided a quick emergency visit appt. that day. I was given an x-ray (even after telling the technician that this took had an x-ray just a few months ago and already aware of a root canal being needed but only after the tooth next to it had a root canal and the pain began on the new neighboring tooth). After seeing Dr. Yurovski, I was told that this tooth would not be able to wait until my new insurance kicks in in January and was offered to apply for a credit card to pay for my services. So I was charged my copay (well 2 copays as I was told you must pay the office copay as well as the emergency visit copay.) Now I called the insurance and was told that is not the way to be charged, how can you be charged two office visit copays for one visi?. So even after that I was provided an antibiotic and told to take advil. Not reading the prescription until I returned to the office, I realized it was a medication that was previously prescribed to me in July that made me deathly ill (well it felt like I was dying) and was them prescribed a different antibiotic. I called the office to inform the receptionist of the error and she rudely told me that I was given this before and this is what I should take. Now I have a toothache and I am irritated that this professional (?) is telling me to take a medication that I know does not agree with me. I had to instruct this person to look at my file and see that I had to be given a different prescription the last time I was given the now prescribed medication. She tells me the doctor will return my call. The day ends and no call, so now another night no sleep and in pain. First thing the next morning I receive a call from a receptionist telling me that the doctor wants me to take the prescription she has prescribed. (Now that I am having a debate with the receptionist and not the doctor-she puts me on hold and then tells me a prescription will be called in and she asks me what I can take) I tell her the two prescriptions I can take and she again puts me on hold to tell me that the said already prescribed medication is a derivative of the same medicine. NOW I AM PISSED OFF. We are a day later, 2 copays later and still no relief. I finally go to my mandatory meeting to finally get home before I set off for my out of town trip to call the pharmacy and find out that the prescription called in is for the same medication that was given to me at the office and now the dentist office is closed for the holiday.
      NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT I WILL BE REPORTING THIS PAINFULL VISIT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY. There must be a bonus in the wind for giving the said prescription which makes me even more leery to taking it and I guess this means another sleepless night.

    • by NOT SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING from zipcode 19103FriendFriend_of_friend
    • Oct 22, 2012
    • Recommended
    • Awesome Dentist in Center City
    • One of the most caring and considerate doctors i had ever been to. All female staff. State of the art equipment. Had my teeth bleached and my smile had never looked brighter

    • by mronin from zipcode 19103FriendFriend_of_friend
    • Aug 14, 2012
    • Recommended
    • The Best Dentist in Philly!!
    • The Best dentist that i have ever been to. I have been a patient of Dr. Yurovsky for several years now. I had bridges, root canals, fillings name it. Never any problems or discomfort. Dr. is always very attentive to my needs and responsive to all of my concerns.

    • by TaraFitz from zipcode 19053FriendFriend_of_friend